Bringing true innovation to the fitting market

As an improvement to the universal industrial double ferrule fitting design, we have patented the ASDevice™ LipLOK design. This design uses two seal points. The first being a sealing lip which is compression fitted to the tube end. Having the seal point placed here allows minimum loss of analytical performance. This fitting is similar to the VCR fitting but has less dead volume in the flowpath. This analytical grade seal performance is achieved between the tube end and the lip feature using a very low torque- almost finger tight. The double ferrule design provides the second level of sealing, which resists the effects of vibration and protects against ejection of the tube from the fitting. This is achieved without transferring excessive force to the lip.There is now a surface seal added to the fitting nut and a seal or septum in the sniffing hole. Any leak developing inside the fitting will be forced to accumulate in the leak chamber space. The pressure will built up in this chamber until a value where it will go through or around the septum. Inserting the needle of a sniffer or leak detection apparatus allow sensitive leak detection since the leak is concentrate into this chamber.