This technology, which is at the core of all of our plasma discharge detectors, is based on the creation of a soft dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma maintained in a non-thermal state. A non-thermal plasma is characterised by the low gas temperature and high electron temperature (in our case between 6,000 K and 10,000 K). The bulk gas temperature remains low as the low mass electron does not conduct heat efficiently. However, the high energy of the hot electrons are what makes this technology very sensitive to a very broad range of molecules as long as the discharge stability is properly controlled. This has been an issue with current commercially available plasma detector. The key features of our technology reside in the stabilising and focusing electrodes which resolve plasma source instability and hence signal to noise at low concentration and the electron injection electrodes which addresse the ionisation efficiency with molecular (N2, H2,etc) ,mix gases backgrounds and impurities, mostly electro negative ones.