ASDevices appoints Andre Cliche as R&D Director

Thetford Mines, QC, Canada - 14 May 2019

ASDevices appoints André Cliche as R&D Director.  André joins from Analytical Flow Products (AFP) where he was the R&D Director. As a seasoned technical leader, he was instrumental in the development of the well-known AFP valves technology alongside Yves Gamache.

ASDevices is awarded 2 new worldwide patents

Thetford Mines, QC, Canada - 08 May 2019

ASDevices has recently been awarded two new patents that cover its core gas sensing technology which is based on a plasma discharge. Those patents are part of Yves Gamache, ASDevices CEO/CTO, substantial patent portfolio. The patent, “multi-mode plasma-based optical emission detector” covers the core sensing technology. The other patent, “System and methods for testing for a gas leak through a gas flow component”, covers an innovative method to precisely measure leaks and displace traditional instruments such as helium leak detector based on mass spectrometer.

Frank Zhu (Vice-President ASDevices Asia), Guofeng Zhu (Vice Director Baoshan Park), Yves Gamache (CEO ASDevices), André Lamontagne (President ASDevices), Zhang Jun (Marketing Director Parc Baoshan)

During a business trip in China to support the development of its Asian division, the company from Thetford Mines has been invited to an official meeting with the Chinese government to discuss a Sino-Canadian collaboration between itself and the National Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology. This institute being responsible for the entirety of the national standardisation in the metrology domain, the partnership will be defined on two terms:

  1. Development of new gas analysis standards with the support of ASDevices innovative technologies

  2. Technological collaboration and development between the two organisations.


Yves Gamache officially launch ASDevices

Thetford Mines, QC, Canada - 25th September 2017

Following the sale of Analytical Flow Products assets (AFP) to APN World on 31 May 2017, Yves Gamache, well known in the analytical industry for the invention of the Contrôle Analytique Plasma Emission Detector and AFP chromatographic valves, launches ASDevices. “Due to the rapidly growing sales of AFP products, I took the strategic decision over a year ago to find a partner to take AFP to the next level and meet the growing demand for our high quality chromatographic valves and accessories. I have been investing in research and development over the past decade on sensing technologies. The sale of AFP to APN World is now giving me the time to focus on the development and commercialisation of my new technologies.” says M. Gamache.

Andre Lamontagne is appointed President of ASDevices

ASDevices, appoints André Lamontagne as President of the company

Thetford Mines, QC, Canada - 6th September 2017

ASDevices appoints André Lamontagne as president and shareholder. André joins from Analytical Flow Products (AFP) where he was the Chief Operating Officer. As a seasoned business executive, he was instrumental in helping AFP to structure and optimize its operation in order to meet the growing demand for its innovative products. Following this successful transformation, AFP was sold to APN World on 31 May 2017, a Québec company specialised in high volume manufacturing of complex parts and a world leader in industry 4.0.