ASDevices is awarded 2 new worldwide patents

Thetford Mines, QC, Canada - 08 May 2019

ASDevices has recently been awarded two new patents that cover its core gas sensing technology which is based on a plasma discharge. Those patents are part of Yves Gamache, ASDevices CEO/CTO, substantial patent portfolio. The patent, "multi-mode plasma-based optiocal emission detector" covers the core sensing technology. The other patent, "System and methods for testing for a gas leak through a gas flow component", covers an innocative method to precisely measure leaks and displace traditional instruments such as helium leak detector based on a mass spectrometer. 

“As an innovator and disrupter, patent protection and enforcement is very important for us. We are substantially investing in research. Protecting us and our customers is key. With those two new patents, we are the only company in our field to have a worldwide patent on a plasma base sensor. These new patents, which have been awarded in a short period of time, is a good indicator of our level of innovation. We are all very proud of it”, says M. Lamontagne.

During the past few years, ASDevices has filed 14 new world wide (USA, Europe, China, Japan) patents and more are being filed. The patents topics cover gas sensing, gas purification, fittings, chromatographic valves, GC platforms and signal processing methods.

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About ASDevices

Founded in 2017, ASDevices is based in Thetford Mines, Québec, Canada and has its roots in a long history of innovation for the gas chromatography and gas analysis world. With over 130 patents, the ASDevices team is behind the success of Contrôle Analytique (now owned by Servomex) and Analytical Flow Products (AFP).

Based on our substantial IP portfolio, 30 years of experience and a strong track record, we pride ourselves as being an innovation catalyst for our OEM business partners. ASDevices, a division of Mécanique Analytique, is involved in applied research, design and manufacturing of technologies and solutions for the analytical market. The combination of our technologies, unique product architecture and OEM business model is what makes us innovative and different. All of our solutions are designed based on what we have called, the Scalable Building Block concept. This concept has proven to be successful amongst our customers by providing them with more time to use their wealth of knowledge on resolving their customer challenges based on our tailored and cost effective OEM solutions. Soon enough, ASDevices will be the most prominent one-stop supplier of analytical devices for OEMs and system integrators of the gas analysis industry. Based on more than 14 patented technologies, the product portfolio is offering the innovative Enhanced plasma-based detector*, integrated analysers, the first End of Life (EoL)* and intelligent getter-based purifiers, modular GC ovens*, innovative analytical/industrial fittings*, GC valves* and more.