Real-time hydrogen purity measurement (H2) solution for fuel cell

 Selected to analyse Hydrogen Purity in Ecofriendly Hydrogen Vehicles for Bejing 2022 Olympics

H2 fuel cell Brochure

ASD has created the world's first process-oriented fuel-cell hydrogen purity analysis solution, which allows factory workers to test for hydrogen impurities on site, instead of sending samples to a lab. This results in significant time and cost savings, using a process that is much less complex and labour-intensive. This unprecedented on-site solution (known as a process solution, as opposed to a lab-based solution) operates 24/7 in stand-alone mode, with no highly-skilled operator required. In addition to being much more practical and economical, the solution is also extremely robust and reliable.

The ASD analytical system can achieve the lowest impurity detection limit on the market, including sulfurs and carbon monoxide (CO), which, if not detected, are known to damage hydrogen fuel cells.

Benefits at glance

  • Real-time on-site process-oriented analysis
  • User-friendly with no highly skilled operator required
  • Lowest impurity detection limit on the market (< 0.5 ppb LoD)
  • One single analysis instrument
  • Requires no sample pre-concentration
  • High quality instrument providing accurate measurement
  • Lowest acquisition and operation cost


A Game-changer

ASDevices (ASD) has been selected by Sinopec, China's leading petrochemical company, to provide an analytical solution for real-time hydrogen purity measurement in eco-friendly vehicles to be used at the Beijing 2022 Olympics. The ASD analytical system will first be installed at Sinopec's Yanshan petrochemical plant, with other locations to follow shortly thereafter. Sinopec recently published a scientific paper highlighting the performance and inventiveness of ASDevices GC technologies.

Many ASDevices solutions are oriented towards the green energy market, helping companies reduce their carbon footprint. Recently, another ASDevices technology was selected by one of the world's largest industrial gas manufacturers to upgrade most its argon product plants. This new technology will greatly improve argon manufacturing efficiency, and consequently reduce the amount of energy required to produce the high-volume gas.

Link to technical article published by Sinopec: Development of Analysis Technology of Trace Impurities in Hydrogen for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles