Bringing analytical performance to the

industrial/instrumentation compression fitting

Unique features

Leak detection capability:

  • Leak concentration chamber

  • Sniffing port through the nut via a septum

Compatible with the standard industrial double ferrule type

No dead volume with direct flow design

No need of welding like face seal/VCR  and get competing results


Better sealing integrity with sealing ring design


Sampling systems

Analytical instrument

Gas delivery systems

Explosive gas delivery systems

UHP gas delivery systems

Toxic gas delivery systems

Gas chromatograph inlet

Revolutionary design

Leak concentration chamber

Sniffing: Detect the smallest leaks by accumulating and concentrating them


Tracer: Pressurize the chamber with a tracer gas for leak integrity test

No dead volume

Direct flow through design

Tubing surface seal and nut sealing ring

Provide concentration chamber sealing

Standard front ferrules

Second level of sealing and tubing swaging action that prevent tube expulsion under high pressure/vibration environment


Leak detection sniffing with syringe

Coated sealing ring*

First level of sealing

Syringe or sniffing probe of leak detection system


LipLOK is available in various configurations, materials and sizes (1/4", 1/8", 1/16")