*patent pending

The first modular and configurable GC oven* for OEMs and system integrators

Unique features

Tailor it to your specific GC application needs with our modular and configurable GC oven* concept

Complete software with GC integration package

Quick and easy configuration. No mechanical work required, just connect the building block

Easy access to key GC components from the front

Reduce carrier gas consumption with our leak free inline purged electronic pressure controller

Up to 6 isothermal zones and up to 2 ramping ovens

Process/rackmount version

  • Plug and play philosophy

  • Full set of I/O interface

  • GC valve footprint for ASDevices, AFP  , Valco

  • Designed for easy maintenance



Usable with ASDevices detectors or third party:

  • Enhanced Plasma Discharge (Epd) detector*

  • High temperature Enhanced Plasma Discharge detector

  • Capillary detector*

  • eHID detector*

  • Electron Impact detector*

Front panel with industrial touch screen display

iMOv innovative design, the embodiment of the building block concept

Rear space volume

  • Valve actuators

  • Electronics flow and pressure controllers

  • Detectors and signal conditioning electronics

  • Tubings

Top panel

  • Chromatographic inlets

  • Detectors

  • Leak detection system

  • Auto sampler

Optional ramping ovens (max 2)

Isothermal zones (max 6)

Front panel

  • Full GC software

  • Optional touchscreen display for easy configuration

  • Removable door for easy access

  • USB ports


​Standard mounting holes for bulkheads (LipLOK and double ferrule compatible)

  • Mounting holes for I/O modules

  • Hot air exhaust for ramping ovens

Benchtop version

A unique modular and configurable thermal zone concept*

​A matrix (2 rows x 3 columns) of 6 independent isothermal zones is provided. Use a single zone to heat a valve or a column or combine them to create larger ones (1x2, 2x3, 2x3). If you need ramping ovens, replace two isothermal zones and fit up to two ramping ones.

Modular thermal zone features:

  • 6 isothermal zones

  • 2 ramping ovens

  • Standard mounting holes and brackets

         for valve and column mounting

  • Brackets for easy tube routing

 Enhanced by 

  • Leak detection capability

  • Better leak integrity

  • No dead volume


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Sampling system

Modular thermal zone

3x2 matrix

Isothermal or ramping


ASDevices or third parties


GC main controller and valve driver

GC software

Touch screen display

iPaps or purifiers

Dilution system





Flow/Pressure controller module

The combination of the IIoT and of the iMOV and other ASDevices instruments make it possible to easily:

  1. Store data (chromatograms, flows, temperature, events) on cloud

  2. Receive event notifications by email or by text

  3. Access your instruments remotely

  4. Perform data analytics