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μInProve Sample Stream Selection

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The μInProve sample stream selection valve, based on the PLSV technologypatent pending, is the result of over 30 years of knowledge in the design of analytical sampling systems for the most demanding applications.



  • Preserve sample integrity
  • Cross sample contamination impossible
  • Long life time
  • Constant pressure drop
  • Valve head available with various coatings and surface treatments
  • Insert available in various materials for chemical compatibility
  • Standard version available for up to 180 C. High temperatyre version available for up to 260 C.


Preserve sample integrity

The technology has been designed so that it is impossible to have leaks. The unique purged system prevent atmospheric air from entering the valve and contaminate the sample. In some applications, it also allows to keep an inert atmosphere around the sample ports.

Cross sample contamination impossible

Due to the unique purge groove system, it is impossible for one sample port to contaminate the other. The technology, by design, make it impossible to have cross port leaks.

Valve head coating and surface treatment

For some applications, such as trace sulfur analysis, it is necessary to coat the valve head for inertness. The PLSV valve technology is perfect for such applications. A known problem with existing valve technologies such as conical rotary valve is the rapid wearing of the coated surface making such valves unreliable. The inert coating “peels” from the surface. Due to the reduced surface sealing area and reduced friction of the PLSV technology, the performance of such valves is greatly improved.