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μInProve Injector Valve

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The uInProve injector valve, based on the PLSV technologypatent pending, has been designed to overcome the known issues associated to the conical and diaphragm valve technologies. It is a quantum leap for chromatography.


Long life time

The results generated by chromatographs, especially process chromatographs, are very important. The quality of the chromatographic valve is of outmost importance. The PLSV valve technology has been designed to increase instruments uptime. It can perform over 1 million+ cycle in high purity trace gas application and still work without noticeable effect on chromatography. This example is one of the most demanding. Ultra-trace N2 analysis. Any leak or malfunction would drastically impact the chromatography.



  • Long life time - over 1 million actuations in UHP applications
  • Improved chromatograph baseline stability
  • No dead volume
  • Compact footprint
  • Valve head available with various coatings and surface treatments
  • Available in 4,6,8,10,12 and 14 ports
  • Available with internal sampling loop
  • Insert available in various materials for chemical compatibility
  • Standard version available for up to 180 C. High temperature version available for up to 260 C.

Compact Footprint

In process chromatograph or for complex GC applications where multiple valves are required, it is important for the valve to occupy a small footprint. With our range of compact actuators, install multiple valves in constrained space for the most demanding GC methods.

Compact Electrical

Compact Pneumatic

Improved baseline stability

Baseline stability is of outmost importance in chromatography. Unlike diaphragm valve technology which suffers from poor and non-repeatable pressure drop due to the elastic nature of the diaphram, the pressure drop with the PLSV technology is equal and constant in the two positions. This guarantees a constant carrier gas flow and consequently, a stable baseline.

Valve head coating and surface treatment

For some applications, such as trace sulfur analysis, it is necessary to coat the valve head for inertness. The PLSV valve technology is perfect for such applications. A known problem with existing valve technologies such as conical rotary valve is the rapid wearing of the coated surface making such valves unreliable. The inert coating “peels” from the surface. Due to the reduced surface sealing area and reduced friction of the PLSV technology, the performance of such valves is greatly improved.