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Scalable Enhanced Plasma Discharge Detector for gas chromatography

The SePdd is a powerful and versatile Epd detector. It is also a unique detector concept for chromatography application development, with its optional application development kit. Hence, with the support of the Scalable Building Block concept, it becomes the perfect instrument for system integrators and OEMs that want to provide tailored applications to their clients. 


  • Replace FID, DID, ECD, TCD, PDHID, FPD,PFPD, SCD and former PED technologies
  • Use emission or tracer modes
  • Measure multiple wavelengths, up to 4, simultaneously to optimise and simplify your chromatography
  • Optimise your application with our user configurable optical measurement module (OWM)
  • Atmospheric or sub-atmospheric operation
  • Benefit from the power of our advanced CPM (Chromatographic Processing Module) platform

    • Simultaneous OWM measurement
    • Event table to optimise gain and signal processing for each peak
    • Advanced signal processing
    • 4 analog outputs
    • 4 digital outputs for valve control
    • 2 digitals inputs
    • Digital communication (RS-485)
    • IIoT ready
  • Easily integrate it to any GC platform
  • ppt to % measurement range
  • Compatible with argon, helium, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen carrier


Measure multiple wavelengths simultaneously to optimise and simplify your chromatography

When connected to our CPM platform, the real power of the SePdd Quattro is unleashed. The 4 OWM modules can be acquired simultaneously in real-time so that the optimum optical filter is used for the measurement and that parameters such as gains and filters are optimised in real-time. Also, use the built-in arithmetic function or spectral compensation mode to simplify the chromatography.


Optimise your application with our user configurable optical measurement module (OWM)

The SePdd has been designed such that up to 4 OWM modules can be installed and measured simultaneously. This unique feature makes sure that the optimum OWM module is installed for all the molecules that need to be measured by your application. Our team of experts can help you select the optimum one based on our extensive database. Also, for application development, you can connect a spectrometer using an optical fiber.

Optical Wavelength Module

Optical Fiber port

Get the most out of your chromatography by optimising parameters for each peak

The SePdd is not just a sensor, it is a powerful system. It offers you a wealth of possibility compared to traditional sensing technology. Using the advanced CPM platform, you can configure events at specific time in order to optimise parameters such as the analog gain, filters, Epd source driving parameters in order to optimise signal to noise and get the most out of your application.

Easy integration on any GC platform

As the SePdd is powered by our advanced CPM platform, it can easily be integrated to any GC platform. The chromatogram signals are available as analog outputs or for more advanced GC platform, in a digital format. Different mounting brackets can also be provided to accommodate your platform.


 Operating voltage 12-24 VDC
 Power 15 W
 Gas interface 1/16"
 Carrier Gas compatibility Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen and mix ones
 Operating temperature 5 °C to 50 °C
 Operating pressure Ambient and sub-atmospheric
 Digital interface (From CPS) USB, RS-485
 Chromatogram analog interface (From CPS) 4x 0-5 VDC
 Digital input (From CPS) 2 (One used for event table trigger)
 Sensor head mechanical dimension (H x W x D) 82 mm x 82 mm x 121 mm