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The first modular and configurable GC oven patent pending for OEMs and system integrator

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Why spending your time and money customising a GC platform instead of using that precious time to create more value for your customers. Save time and money by developing your GC application on our innovative GC platform. Contrarily to other commercially available GC platform, the iMov platform has been designed to be modular and easy to configure in order to meet your chromatographic application needs. With its modular thermalpatent pending zone and broad offering of standard modules, it only takes a few hours to fully configure the GC.

Modular oven conceptpatent pending

  • Up to 6 isothermal ovens and optional ramping oven
  • Support LTM Columns

Quick and easy configuration

  • Configure a full GC in only a few hours

Industrial design

  • Designed for 19'' rackmount or Benchtop


  • Designed for ASDevices Epd, TCD, FID or any other third party detectors

Analytical valves

  • Up to 6 uInProve GC Valves
  • Pneumatic or Electrical actuation
  • Sample stream selection valve

Electronic Pressure Controller

  • Up to 5 EPC
  • Inline or Bypass pressure control
  • Leak impossible with purged concept
  • Optional flow sensor


  • Auto-sampler
  • Dilution system
  • Sampling system

Complete Embedded GC Software

  • Industrial Real-Time Operating System
  • Designed based on system redundancy for reliability
  • Multi-methods capability with automatic sequencing synchronised with sampling system
  • Advanced signal processing
  • Touch screen interface

Full set of optional I/O Interface

  • Digital relays, 4-20 mA, RS-232, Ethernet, Modbus

Design for ease of maintenance

  • Access all GC components from the front

IIoT Ready

  • Remote control
  • Support MQTT IIoT protocol for M2M communication

Modular oven concept patent pending

GC platforms are all designed with one large ramping oven. This has been the case for many decades without innovation. When multiple independent zones are necessary, GC integrators have to design custom solutions instead of spending their time where they add value, method development. The iMov is the first modular oven platform. The patented concept is based on a zone that can be configured with multiple independent oven cells. Select from our range of small to large isothermal ovens, convection ramping ovens and Low Thermal Mass (LTM) modules to suit your needs.

Modular architecture concept patent pending

The modularity is not only in the modular oven, the entire architecture is modular. The plug and play philosophy allows you to plug-in the modules that you need. You only need to select from our list of standard modules.

  • Connect an auxiliary iMov chassis (up to 4) for complex GC applications
  • Pressure/Flow controller module
  • Chromatographic Processing Module (CPM)
  • Oven and valve controller
  • Dry contact relay modules
  • Isolated 4-20 mA output modules
  • Connect and control an external sampling system
  • Connect and control an external dilution system
  • Autosampler
  • Other custom modules available

IIoT Ready - Designed for the future

Many industrial analyser platform were designed over a decade ago. Our new innovative online analyser platform has been designed with the future in mind, i.e. connectivity.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote data logging
  • BigData
  • Support MQTT protocol

Purged EPC (Electronics Pressure Controller) design

We have been involved in the design of gas chromatographs for over 3 decades. We understand very well the impact of a poorly designed EPC. Our EPC has been designed with high quality parts which allows a good pressure stability and its purged concept allows high leak integrity. With this design, it is impossible for the EPC to leak.

  • Robust industrial design
  • Leak impossible by design
  • Design for stability and repeatability
  • Temperature compensated pressure sensor
  • Series 300 SS manifold
  • No dead volume
  • No outgassing from wetted parts
  • Available in 30 PSIG and 100 PSIG version
  • Available for inline or bypass control

Highly robust Embedded GC Software

For us, a GC is most of time a critical part of a process. It must operate 24/7. Consequently, its software architecture has to be designed to be robust. As such, a Windows OS is not an option. The GC software used in the GCSense has been designed using a Real-Time Industrial Operating System. It also uses a principle known as system redundancy for reliability. This principle makes it almost impossible for the software to crash making sure that your GC is always up and running.

  • Industrial Real-Time Operating System
  • Designed based on system redundancy for reliability
  • Multi-methods capability with automatic sequencing synchronised with sampling system
  • Advanced signal processing
  • Touch screen interface
  • IIoT ready

Industrial grade electronics modules

To be robust, a GC architecture needs a highly reliable electronics design. All electronics circuits have been designed by highly experienced electronics engineers following the latest standards. All electronics components are industrial grade.


  • Meet IEC-61010 standard
  • Meet CE standard
  • ROHS compliant
  • Based on industrial grade components


  • CPM module (data acquisition)
  • Oven and valve controller
  • EPC controller
  • Flow sensor controller
  • Digital I/Os controller
  • 4-20 mA controller
  • External sampling system controller
  • High end low noise electrometer.

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