OEM Platforms | CPM


The first embedded chromatographic platform

The CPM (Chromatographic Processing Module) is the first fully embedded chromatographic platform. With its full feature GC software, high end signal processing box and optional I/O modules, develop cost effective custom GC solutions.

Use it as a standalone module, inside your own GC box or to retrofit and aging chromatograph.


  • Full feature chromatographic software
    • Peak integration
    • Multi point calibration
    • Valve sequence
    • Multi method
    • Data history
    • High end digital signal processing
  • Advanced signal filtering
  • Connect any chromatographic sensor
  • Integrated GC valve driver
  • Optional I/O modules

Interface any GC sensor

The CPM platform was designed to unleash the power of our proprietary sensing technologies. By offering 4 standard analog inputs, it can be interfaced to any third party sensing technologies.

High end analog  and digital front end

We have over thirty years of experience in electronics design. This platform is the combination of our expertise with the latest advanced in electronics design. The best electronics components have been carefully integrated in this innovative state of the art design. All components are industrial grade and consequently available for the long term.

  • 4x simultaneous and synchronous 24 bits, 50 kHz ADC
  • Configurable analog gain
  • High speed ARM processor with RTOS
  • 5 ppm / ⁰C ADC voltage reference
  • Low temperature coefficient components
  • Resistor values minimised and optimised to reduce Johnson noise
  • Offset cancellation circuit
  • Analog filtering
  • Industrial grade components
  • ROHS compliant

Advanced digital signal processing

With the power available from today's processor, advanced digital signal processing is a powerful tool that can be ignored. Our platform is loaded with powerful proprietary algorithm designed especially for chromatography.

  • Adjustable second order filter
  • On demand zero offset cancellation
  • Learning algorithm that improves SNR from previous analysis
  • Peak remodelingpatent pending

DSP unit

Add DSP blocks to mix input signals. With its power processing unit, we have designed a unique DSP unit. Similar to cable logic, you can mix signals from the different inputs in order to generate a compound output.

With our Epd technology, we use this feature in combination with the spectral compensation algorithm to simplify the chromatography.


GC Valve driver

The CPM is not only a high end data acquisition board. It also has built in I/Os that allow you to drive chromatographic valves directly. Configure valve sequences using the software in order to suit your chromatographic method.

Industrial I/O modules

The CPM can be used for a laboratory applications or a process applications. For process applications, our platform supports industrial I/O modules from Measurement ComputingTM. You can add I/Os such as 4-20 mA outputs, digital inputs, digital outputs, etc.

Electrical specification

 Analog inputs 
 Number 4
 Resolution 24 bits
 Acquisition speed 50 kHz
 Voltage range 0-5 V
 Configurable gain 1 to 1000
 Analog outputs 
 Number 4
 Resolution 16 bits
 Voltage range Output 1 : 0-1 V
 Output 2-4 : 0-4 V
 Digital inputs 
 Number   2
 Voltage range  0-24 VDC
 GC Valve driver outputs  
 Number  4
 CPM module power voltage  
 Voltage range  12-24 VDC