OEM Platforms


ASDevices offers different GC and analytical platforms to suit your needs and budget. From the entry level CPM platform to the highly modular iMov platform.

OEM Chromatographic platform


The first embedded chromatographic platform

The CPM (Chromatographic Processing Module) is the first fully embedded chromatographic platform. With its full feature GC software, high end signal processing box and optional I/O modules, develop cost effective custom GC solutions.

Use it as a standalone module, inside your own GC box or to retrofit an aging chromatograph.


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Rackmount industrial GC platform

For GC integrators that need a 19'' rackmount GC platform that is robust and easy to configure for a specific GC application, the GCSense is the perfect solution for you. It can be customised with different types of detectors, valves, electronics modules, etc..


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The first modular and configurable GC ovenpatent pending for OEMs and system integrators

Why spending your time and money customising a GC platform instead of using that precious time to create more value for your customers. Save time and money by developing your GC application on our innovative GC platform. Contrarily to other commercially available GC platform, the iMov has been designed to be modular and easy to configure in order to meet your chromatographic needs. With its modular thermalpatent pending zone and broad offering of standard modules, it only takes a few hours to fully configure the GC.


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Compact online trace N2 in argon/helium analyser with Enhanced plasma discharge (Epd) technology*

The N2Sense analyser is based on our Enhanced Plasma Discharge (Epd) technology*. Compared to other commercially available plasma-based analysers, which use a single wavelength measurement, the N2Sense uses a combination of our unique focusing/stabilising and electron injection electrodes with a spectral compensation optical measurement to improve performance and signal stability.


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