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ASDevices innovative purification solutions

ASDevices offers heated getter-based noble gas purifiers. Get the most out of your analytical instruments with the dual heated getter technology (Single vessel optional) and prevent analytical system downtime with our real-time end of life detector available in the iPaps version.


  • Carrier gas purifier
  • Zero gas generator for calibration of on-line analyzers
  • Reference gas generator for TCD analyzers
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Perfect for all kinds of detector: plasma, HID, DID, FID, PDID, TCD, ECD, etc.



  • Gas purified : Ar, He, Ne, Xe, Kr.(N2 in option)
  • Impurities removed : H2O, H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO, CO2, THC
  • Impurity level achievable : < 1 ppb (< 5 ppb single vessel version)
  • Nominal flow : 300 ml/min, 1000 ml/min and 5000 ml/min
  • Life time at nominal flow : 2 years
  • Proprietary dual vessel technology : No H2 release

300 ml/min and 1 L/min                                

A quantum leap for gas purification

The ASDPure is a premium quality gas purifier that is designed to be robust and provide outstanding performance using our dual vessel technology. It is available in three different flow capacities (300, 1000 and 5000 ml/min) to suit your needs.

  • Available in 300 ml/min, 1000 ml/min and 5000 ml/min
  • 2 years life time at nominal flow (based on 5N gas)
  • Impurity level at output: < 1 ppb (< 5 pbb single vessel)

ASDPure Brochure


The first noble gas purifier with built-in real-time End of Life (EoL)* detection

The iPaps is our most advanced purification solution. It is the first purifier to offer a built-in real-time end of life detector. Instead of changing your purifier when your analytical system is not performing anymore, you can do preventive maintenance and avoid costly down times.

  • Built-in real time end of life detector
  • Available in 5000 ml/min only
  • 2 years life time at nominal flow based on 5N gas (extended life time optional)
  • Impurity level at output: < 1 ppb

iPAPS Brochure

Dual heated getter technology

The proprietary dual stage purification design unlocks a better purification process and higher performances. It is well known in the field that traditional heated getter purifiers release trace amounts of H2 due to hydrocarbon cracking and from the metal operated at high temperature. With our second vessel which is operated at a lower temperature, the H2 released by the first vessel is removed to below 1 ppb.