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Accurately diluting gas standards for calibration or analytical system performance valida-tion is very important. We have over 30 years of experience in gas dilution and gas han-dling. All our knowledge is provided in this high quality dilution system which is based on laser calibrated sonic orifice.


  •  Sonic orifice technology
    •  High dilution ratios
    •  From 1:2 to 1:3500 (Custom up to 1:10000)
  •  High precision (< 0.5% rel.)
    •  High accuracy electronics pressure regulator
    •  Temperature compensated pressure regulator
  •  High sample integrity
    •  Purged electronics pressure regulator
    •  All stainless steel wetted parts
  •  2 available flow path configurations
    •  Dual inline pressure regulator version
    •  High integrity bypass regulator version
  •  Heated flow path up to 200 °C
  •  User configurable orifice
  •  User selectable gas
  •  Optional inert flow path for sulfur and reactive gas analysis analysis
  •  IIoT ready


  •  Gas analyser manufacturing
  •  Gas standard preparation
  •  Gas analyser performance validation
  •  Research and development

Sonic orifice or sonic nozzle system

Our dilution system is based on laser calibrated orifice technology. This technology allows greater flexibility in term of dilution ratio and greater precision compared to traditional mass flow type system. In the sonic flow mode, the flow through the orifice is only a function of the inlet pressure. No influence from ambient or outlet pressure. When combined with our ultra stable temperature compensated electronics pressure controller (EPC), this technology offers unsurpassed performance.

Use pressure to flow caracteristics of sonic orifice to control dilution ratio

  • Pressure to flow function is linear in sonic mode
  • High accuracy
  • No influence from back pressure
  • Compatible with corrosive gases
  • High leak and sample integrity