Wednesday, January 22, 2020
ASDevices releases the PPDV valve technology

Following the release of the innovative PLSV valve technology, ASDevices continues to innovate in the GC valve market.

The Pulsing Purge Diaphragm Valve (PPDV)patent pending is the latest innovation in the diaphragm valve technology market. It has been designed for applications that require the characteristics of a diaphragm valve or to improve performance without design changes of existing applications where diaphragm valves are used. Over a decade ago, the first purged diaphragm valve was introduced on the market and offered many advantages. The disadvantage of such technology was that a separate purged flow path was necessary which increased integration cost, carrier flow consumption and complexity of manufacturing. This is a story of the past with this new technology. It uses the static purge principle to purge the valve inner volume using the actuation gas.