Thu, October 31, 2019
ASDevices inaugurates its new chromatographic valve manufacturing line

Today was a great day for ASDevices. In order to meet the growing demand for its new innovative uInProve chromatographic valve based on its patented PLSV technology, ASDevices has completed its state of the art smart valve manufacturing line.

« During the past year, many customers have tested and adopted our new valve technology due to its multiple benefits compared to existing technologies. In order to supply a high quality product at high volume, we have made a strategic partnership many months ago which resulted in the investment of dedicated state of the art machining tools and quality control equipments. We now have the capacity to meet our customers demand » said Andre Lamontagne, ASDevices president. This investment is only one of the many investments we have done this year. ASDevices has indeed invested in the development of new innovative products, but also into infrastructure to support its growth and its worldwide customers. Earlier this year, ASDevices has also invested in a technical centre located in Shanghai, China.

More investments will be announced soon.