KA Solutions


Analytical solutions powered by ASDevices technologies.

KA solutions are turnkey analytical solutions powered by ASDevices technologies. They are integrated by our selected KA channel partners which are located all around the world to deliver a better customer intimacy and service. You can contact us to get in touch with our selected partners.

Our partners can offer pre-defined chromatographic solutions as well as customised ones.

Turn key prepackaged compact GC solution for air separation plant and bulk gases analysis

The KA6000Plus, based on ASDevices GCSense platform, has been designed for simple GC applications. It is specially targeted for rackmount installations. It can be integrated with any of ASDevices sensing technologies such as Epd, FID and TCD.

Key applications examples:

  • Permanent gas analysis in in argon
  • Permanent gas analysis in in helium
  • Permanent gas analysis in in hydrogen
  • Permanent gas analysis in in oxygen
  • Permanent gas analysis in in nitrogen

A complete high quality and high performance gas chromatograph for process and lab applications powered by ASDevices.

This is the first process and lab chromatograph with easy maintenance in mind. Access all key GC components without having to remove the instrument from the rack. Based on iMov unique modular architecture that allows the gas chromatograph to be tailored to your application needs.

Key applications examples:

  • All applications covered by KA6000Plus
  • Trace sulfur analysis in ambient air
  • Trace sulfur analysis in hydrogen for fuel cell
  • Trace BTEX analysis
  • Electronics gases analysis