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ASDevice - A global business with Canadian roots

ASDevices is a global company with offices all around the world to support its customer locally. Our offices are separated in 3 groups.

Innovation centre

Innovation is what drives ASDevices. We have one dedicated facility which purely focuses on creating tomorrow's technology that will make life easier to our customers.

Manufacturing centre

Delivery quality products is very important to us. This is why we have dedicated manufacturing sites located in Canada. Those sites are responsible to deliver products to our standards following state of the art manufacturing processes.

Business centre

Those offices are located all around the world. They take care of sales, local marketing and local customer support. They are there to offer an outstanding customer experience.

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Innovation centre and head quarter

233 Jalbert street
Thetford, Quebec, Canada
G6G 7W1

Tel.: 418-338-0299

ASDevices Europe Business Centre

Rudolf Diesel Strasse 12 A
D-65760 Eschborn Deutschland

​Tel. : + 49 6173 32 00 78

ASDevices Asia Business Centre

No. 298 JinChi Road,
BaoShan District, Shanghai

Tel.: +86 138 1765 1588