Our Company, a disruptive story

Founded in 2017, ASDevices is based in Thetford Mines, Québec, Canada and has its roots in a long history of innovation for the gas chromatography and gas analysis world. ASDevices is proud to be the only entirely own Canadian company to design and manufacture this type of technology. This history dates back to 1992, when Yves Gamache, the CEO, developed the K2000, the first digital trace nitrogen analyser for the air separation industry. The analyzer was not affected by moisture in the sample or calibration cylinder, a common problem at this time. Thanks to a novel method invented by Gamache, the use of a permeation tube to add a specific level of water to the plasma in order to reach an operating plateau, combined with the use of a molecular sieve 3A trap, reduced substantially H2O interference. Later on, this method was refined and a patent filed for. This first revolution in terms of performance and reliability brought Yves Gamache and André Fortier, his long-term associate, to start Contrôle Analytique. This company developed between 1995 to 2007, the K2001, a nitrogen analyser that became an instant world success and is still considered a standard for the air separation industry.

It also developed the K2002, an improved design of the K2001, for the semiconductor industry and the K3000, which was the first reliable crude argon analyser. Finally, a complete process GC R&D programmled by André Lamontagne, now president of ASDevices, has given birth to the K4000. The K4000 was the first plasma emission detector-based process gas chromatograph offering a complete graphic interface and parallel real-time chromatography with built-in industrial I/Os, built-in sampling system, and remote Ethernet connectivity. Almost two decades of innovation later, the team pursued their goal to revolutionise the industry by founding Analytical Flow Products in 2007. This company developed the most reliable and the most efficient chromatographic valves on the market. From 2007 to 2017, AFP has become the leading brand of GC valves. All those decades of experience have provided a whole lot of new ideas, know-how and experience to start ASDevices, which will have once more a disruptive effect in the industry.

Our Roots

------- 1992 -------

Under the Contrôle Logique operations, the first digital trace N2 analyser on the market was developed to respond to the poor performance of existing analyser.


-------- 1995 --------

Following this success, I was joined by André Fortier in 1995 to form C.Analytique, the company that would produce many disruptive technologies in the future.

With many breakthroughs, the K2001 was a quantum leap in the domain and became a world standard. After more than 30 years, it is still the market reference.

-------- 1997 --------

A new design led to the K2002 in 1997. With our reputation and track record, it became an instant success in the semiconductor industry.


-------- 1998 --------

The K3000 was released and again revolutionized the industry. The K3000 have found its niche in many semiconductor plants.


-------- 2000 --------

The K4000 was the first plasma emission detector based process chromatograph offering a complete graphic interface and parallel real time chromatography.


-------- 2007 --------

As passionate inventors, this move gave us the opportunity and resources to focus fully on our new venture and provide better products for chromatographers.

These new innovations gave birth to a new company named Analytical Flow Products (AFP). AFP products became number one on the market in term of performance.

-------- 2017 --------

After the sale of AFP, a new division was born, Analytical Sensing Devices and founded by the original team behind the success and revolution of KA and AFP.