ASDevices appoints André Lamontagne as President of the company

Thetford Mines, QC, Canada, September 6th 2017

ASDevices appoints André Lamontagne as president and shareholder. André joins from Analytical Flow Products (AFP) where he was the Chief Operating Officer. As a seasoned business executive, he was instrumental in helping AFP to structure and optimize its operation in order to meet the growing demand for its innovative products. Following this successful transformation, AFP was sold to APN World on 31 May 2017, a Québec company specialised in high volume manufacturing of complex parts and a world leader in industry 4.0.

“André is the perfect fit for this role”, says Yves Gamache. “André is an experienced business leader and is also well known in the analytical industry as an expert with a breadth of technical knowhow which he acquired working for market leaders such as Contrôle Analytique and Servomex”.
As the founder of Contrôle Analytique and AFP, M. Gamache is well known in the industry for his innovative mind and desire to offer premium quality products. ASDevices has been founded by M. Gamache to fulfill the need for new innovative sensing products and OEM modules for the analytical market. The core sensing technology will be based on an improved an enhanced technology M. Gamache developed in the 90s. 5 new patents were filed to protect the technology and 3 more to

protect other technologies related to gas purification, leak detection and a new analytical fitting. Another novel sensing technology is also under development. M. Gamache will act as the Chief Technology Officer and shareholder.

“Our main goal will be to work with our OEM business partners to resolve their analytical challenges and help them achieving new level of performance. By combining decades of knowledge with a passion to innovate, ASDevices aims at reinventing gas measurement while being true to our core values: Quality, Restless innovation, integrity, partnership focus and continuous improvement”, says M. Lamontagne.

From this autumn, the ASDevice team will attend trade shows in order to show new products and will visit customers.